Aug 15

EOL Vent Mining Delivers Explosion Proof Fans To The Russian Arctic Circle

Every mine is unique - not only in terms of the material mined, but also concerning
prerequisites of the mining environment and its surroundings.

This is part of the everyday challenges for mining companies.

Few mines can use retail bought equipment for their activities. The same goes for the ventilations systems, which need to be customized to the often demanding mining environment. Radon, fumes, gas, and temperatures are factors that have to be considered.

In some mines where there is an elevated risk of explosions, a specially classified mining ventilation has to be installed. 

EOL Vent’s international assignments therefore often include the adaptation of equipment to national certificates and local standards, as well as deliveries of specially classified equipment. 

When national standards are fulfilled, the next step is for our ventilations on demand system to calculate all factors and variables of the mine, suggesting power where it is needed and a lower amount of power where it is not. 

In our new customer assignment the delivery goes to the Russian arctic circle, and the installation will have to consider the elevated risk of explosions. We are very glad for our good cooperation with both client and distributor, and proud to contribute with our ventilation technique in this mining project