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Contact Eol VEntsystem

Raimo De Felipe

CEO, EOL Vent Tunnelling AB

Phone: +46 8 605 96 91


Samuel Anderzén

CEO, EOL Vent Mining AB

Phone: +46 980-10250


Tomas Bolsöy

Technical Director, EOL Vent Mining AB

Phone: +46 980 102 40


Milton Dannberg

Global Business Development Manager

Phone: +46 980 102 45


Christer Blomgren

Senior Adviser/Founder

Phone: +46 70-520 03 65



We have the expertise and the experience necessary to help you get the most durable underground ventilation system, the highest productivity, and the lowest energy costs possible. Send us a message, and we'll talk more about how we can help your project reach its next level in the near future.