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We take pride in our long list of happy clients and successful projects. Here you can find our complete list of earlier clients and projects, as well as case studies where you can see exactly how some of our latest clients have benefited from our solutions, as measured in dollars and kilowatts.

What our clients have to say

Stina Klemo

Mine Ventilation Engineer

LKAB Kiruna (the world's largest underground iron mine)

We appreciate the cooperation we are having with EOL Ventsystem. They have been providing us with excellent help with various ventilation solutions, where everything from flow paths and air calculations to complete fan installations are handled. Our experience so far is an appreciated and personal ongoing dialogue, as well as products we now have several years of good experience from


The Pyhäsalmi Mine: How switching to modern fans drastically decreased energy costs 

The Pyhäsalmi Mine is a 1 400 meter deep underground zinc and copper mine, located in central Finland and owned by the well-known Canadian mining company First Quantum Minerals Ltd. In 2014, EOL Ventsystem was invited to see if we could find- and suggest any potential improvements around the already well-working ventilation solution, and, if possible, lower their current energy expenses.

Their primary ventilation system consisted of one large, axial, fresh air fan as well as three exhaust air fan stations, each one with smaller axial-fans. The total installed fan power of the primary exhaust system was 748 kW.

After measuring the primary fans duty point in the mine and running exact simulations of the air flow in the mine, we had a radical proposal to give them: If they were to replace two of the three exhaust air fan stations completely with more modern, high-efficiency fans, they could remove the third fan station completely, and still have a top-quality ventilation system at a fraction of the current cost. This third fan station had 6pc 55kW fans.

After seeing the numbers, they chose to follow our improvement suggestions, with the result that The Pyhäsalmi Mine now saves about 1 500 000 kWh in energy per year. These energy savings are big enough that the investment cost itself - two completely new high-efficiency fans - was covered within approximately six months.

Full project list

Mining fans

LKAB Kiruna                                   234 fans 1995-2005 EVS Ø630-1000mm up to 55kW
Sweden                                           1064 fans 2006-2016 EVS Ø630-1800mm up to 250kW
                                                         82 fans 2017- EVS Ø630-1600mm up to 45kW
                                                         303 fans 2017-2020 - EVS Ø500-2000mm up to 500kW

LKAB Malmberget                         69 fans 2000-2005 EVS Ø900-1600mm up to 132kW
Sweden                                           137 fans 2006-2016 EVS Ø900-1800mm up to 160kW
                                                          3 fans 2017- EVS Ø900-900mm up to 90kW
                                                         52 fans 2017-2020 EVS Ø500-2000mm up to 500kW 

Boliden Mineral AB                      46 fans 1999-2005 EVS Ø500-900mm up to 37kW
Sweden                                           42 fans 2006-2016 EVS Ø500-1800mm up to 200kW
                                                         13 fans 2017- EVS Ø1000-1800mm up to 200kW
                                                         15 fans 2017-2020 EVS Ø500-2000mm up to 500kW

Dannemora Mining                      46 fans 2011-2012 EVS Ø900-1800mm, up to 250kW

NAN Resources                             6 fans 2002-2003 EVS Ø900-1250mm up to 37kW

Bergteamet AB                              16 fans 2008-2012 EVS Ø630mm up to 11kW  

Björkdalsgruvan                           20 fans 2010-2016 EVS Ø630-1400mm, up to 90kW

Outokumpu Kemi                         65 fans 2011-2016 EVS Ø1250-1800mm, up to 250kW
Finland                                             27 fans 2017- EVS Ø900-1250mm, up to 45kW

                                                          91 fans 2017-2020 - EVS Ø500-2000mm up to 500kW
Pyhäsalmi Mine                            31 fans 2014-2016 EVS Ø710-1250mm, up to 90kW
Finland                                             4 fans 2017- EVS Ø710-1000mm, up to 22kW

                                                          15 fans 2017-2020 - EVS Ø500-2000mm up to 500kW

Agnico Kittilä                                 18 fans 2016-2017 - EVS Ø1250-2000mm, up to 315kW
Finland                                             56 fans 2017-2020 - EVS Ø500-2000mm up to 500kW

Dragon Mine                                 1 fan 2016 EVS Ø900mm, 37kW

ELEBOR S.A.                                   5 fans 2016-2017 - EVS Ø630-900mm up to 45kW
Greece                                             5 fans 2017-2020 - EVS Ø500-2000mm up to 500kW

ABV Rock Group AB                     5 fans 2003-2010 EVS Ø800mm up to 55kW

Dundee Mining                             31 fans 2009-2016 EVS Ø710- Ø1250mm up to 75kW

Bogala Graphite                           5 fans 2001-2004 EVS Ø500-1400mm up to 90kW
Sri Lanka 

Fabrika Cementa                         1 fan 2004 EVS Ø1250mm, 45kW

Rana Gruber                                 1 fan 2010 EVS Ø900mm, 37kW

Polymetal/Geoscan                     8 fans 2014-2017 EVS Ø1600-2000mm, up to 200kW

Geoscan                                         12 fans 2017- EVS Ø1250-2000mm, up to 450kW
Armenia                                          53 fans 2017-2020 - EVS Ø500-2000mm up to 500kW 

Kazzink                                           1 fan 2017- EVS Ø900mm, 45kW
Kazakhstan                                     19 fans 2017-2020 - EVS Ø500-2000mm up to 500kW 

GT Machinery                                 2 fans - EVS Ø500-2000mm up to 500kW

Björkdalsgruvan                             12 fans 2017-2020 - EVS Ø500-2000mm up to 500kW

Grundströms Plåt                           2 Fans 2017 - EVS Ø500-2000mm up to 500kW

Tunneling fans 

ODEN Anläggning AB                  17 fans 2007-2011 EVS Ø630-900mm, up to 75kW
Hjorthagstunneln, Sweden

BOHUS Bergsprängning AB       4 fans 2010-2013 EVS Ø630-1600mm up to 55kW
Kollekindstunneln, Sweden

Zublin / Pihl                                   2 fans 2011 EVS Ø630mm, 11kW
JV Söderströmstunneln 
Citybanan Stockholm, Sweden

Leonhard Nilsen & Sønner AS   16 fans 2011-2014 EVS Ø1400-1800mm up to 160kW
Tunnel projects, Norway/Faeroe Islands

Kruse Smith Entreprenør AS      8 fans 2011-2016 EVS Ø1600mm, 110kW
Tunnel projects, Norway

MIKA AS                                           9 fans 2005-2010 EVS Ø900-1600mm up to 90kW ,

Norway, Västkust-banan, Sweden E6/Vinterbro, Øksendal HEP

NORCEM AS                                    1 fan 2006 EVS Ø1120mm, 30kW
Norway, Jernbane Tunnelen

Implenia AS Norge                        6 fans 2016 EVS Ø1800mm, 250kW

Implenia Sweden                          12 fans 2017- EVS Ø1800mm, 160kW
FF Stockholm, Sweden

KALLIORAKENNUS OY                  4 fans 2011-2012 EVS Ø1600mm, 90kW

Metro-Tunnel Helsinki, Finland

YIT Constr. Ltd,                              16 fans 2005-2010 EVS Ø1600mm, 110kW
Vuosaari Harbour, Aviapolis, Finland

SKANSKA Tekra OY                       2 fans 2006-2010 EVS Ø1600mm, 160kW
E18/Tunnel, Finland

ARNARFELL ehf.                            5 fans 2004-2010 EVS Ø900-1250mm up to 37kW
Tunnel Projects, Iceland

Hraunaveita ehf.                          1 fan 2008 EVS Ø900mm, 30kW
Tunnel Project, Iceland

Moscow Metro Project                8 fans 2012 EVS Ø900mm, 75kW
Moscow, Russia

ELEBOR S.A.                                   18 fans 2003-2011 EVS Ø630-1800mm up to 200kW
Kalidromon, Maliakos, Greece 

DALPER Maq. & Acesor. S.L        6 fans 2008-2010 EVS Ø1250-1600mm up to 132kW
Canary Islands, Spain

ABC Ventilation Systems            4 fans 2007-2010 EVS Ø1120mm, 30kW

ARGE Tunnel                                 2 fans 2004-2010 EVS Ø1600mm, 55kW
Vomp-Terfens, Zueblin, Austria 

Taisei-Abacus Corp                      4 fans 2004-2010 EVS Ø900mm, 90kW MRT

M/s. PATEL Ltd.                            24 fans 2005-2010 EVS Ø630-1600mm up to 132kW
Kameng HEP, Rampur HEP Loharinagpala HEP, BMC, India 

UANR Infrastructure Ltd.          11 fans 2007-2010 EVS Ø1600-1800mm, 110-200kW
Gandikota, OWK, India

KIRLOSKAR Constr. Ltd.             10 fans 2008-2010 EVS Ø800mm-900mm up to 37kW
SIMLA Project, India

SSJV Projects Pvt. Ltd.                 8 fans 2005-20010 EVS Ø900mm 37kW

M/s. AFCONS Ltd.                         6 fans 2007-2010 EVS Ø1250-1400mm up to 75kW
KRCL Tunnel, India

HINDUSTAN Constr. Ltd.             5 fans 2007-2010 EVS Ø1400-1600mm, up to 160kW
Loharinagpala HEP, India

M/s. COASTAL Pvt. Ltd.                4 fans 2007-2010 EVS Ø1800mm, 200kW
Veligonda Project, India

PRATIBHA Ltd. India                     4 fans 2008-2010 EVS Ø630mm, 15kW

SIMPLEX Infrastructure Ltd.       18 fans 2011-2016 EVS Ø900mm, up to 75kW
Bhasmey HEP, India

RVR Projects Private Ltd.            7 fans 2011-2013 EVS Ø900-1250mm, up to 45kW
NTR-II Project, Visakhaptnam, India

PLRC Ltd.                                        5 fans 2011 EVS Ø1250mm, 45kW
NTR-2 Project, Visakhaptnam, India

NSC Consortium Ltd.                  1 fan 2014 EVS Ø1800mm, 200kW

Megha Ltd.                                     16 fans 2014-2017 EVS Ø1600-1800mm, up to 132kW

ITD, Italien-Thai Development   6 fans 2016 EVS Ø900mm, 90kW

Unique, Engineering                    4 fans 2016-2017 EVS Ø100mm, 90kW

Bouygues, Doha                           5 fans 2016 EVS Ø900mm, 37kW

FlowPower, Uganda                     2 fans 2016 EVS Ø900mm, 37kW

URI Civil Contr.                              AMF 2140, AMF 2120

SIAB, Saltsjö & Snake Tunnel     AMF 280, AMF 80

SKANSKA Int.                                 AMF 280
Hong Kong


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