Oct 12

EOL Presents Moisture Resistant Noise-Lowering Material

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One common challenge in underground mining is the amount of water and moisture, gathering in tunnels and shafts. Below ground, it becomes a constant obstacle in all aspects of the mining activities.  

Because of moisture, and due to its own characteristics, it has always been hard to enable noise-lowering material to perform well in underground mining, since it tends to attract moisture and then loses it´s performing capacity. 

Good functioning and energy efficient use of ventilation are the essence of what we strive for at EOL mining. Therefore we are now happy to present a new moist resistant material, which also has a strong capacity to reduce the sound from fans.

The component is made from 100% recycled material and is now monitored and in full use in the LKAB Kiruna mine. At this point we are very happy with the results. We are also very proud to be able to offer this product to existing and new clients around the world.