EOL Ventsystem was founded in Sweden in 1890 under the name Carl Ström Gruvteknik, and has been distributing mining- and tunneling technology for mines ever since. The focus on ventilation solutions grew forth during the decades, and in 2002, we changed name to EOL Ventsystem (after the Greek-Roman god of wind, Aiolos) to reflect our today we stand as one of northern Europe's most trusted and sought-after underground ventilation providers. 

EOL Ventsystem develops, builds and implement highly customized underground ventilation systems for mining- and tunneling clients of all sizes all over the globe. 

We currently have clients in 15 different countries all over the world, working with clients in all types of mineral mining, infrastructure tunneling among others, and entrusted with the complete ventilation of the world's largest underground iron mine. Read more about our project history here. 


  • Complete ventilation systems that fulfill the necessary environmental demands, laws and regulations for underground construction and mining. 
  • Top-quality, highly-customizable, energy efficient and durable fans (up to 450 kW per stage) - made according to your needs. All fans are made using 100 % renewable energy, further improving the sustainability of your operations. 
  • High pressure ventilation doors, that make sure your air stays where it should.
  • ABB Smart Vent VOD (Ventilation On Demand) that measures your site's ventilation needs in real-time, and provides just the right amount of air where- and when it's needed. Read more about our VOD-solution further down on this page. 
  • Specially designed electrical cabinet with VFD (Variable Frequency Drives). It helps the EOL Ventsystem regulate and adjust the energy used for your mine's ventilation, making sure your ventilations capacity usage never exceeds the actual needs. 

All EOL Ventsystem fans are designed with a separable Modular-Frame–System. This flexible system allows for easy addition or removal of fans or silencers, and enables a serial fan connection for increased performance if necessary.

The design of the Eol Ventsystem consists of blending our core components, provided by our trusted long-term partners, along with a wide variety of customisable components available from a wide selection of providers.

Thus, we can always guarantee predictable top-quality performance in every project, while also providing the customization that fits perfect for your special conditions.

How we calculate your exact ventilation needs:

We use highly precise simulation software as one of our tools to determine the exact ventilation needs of your mine or tunnel, making sure that your air demands are fully mapped beforehand.

We then proceed to construct the proposed solution, fitting your calculated needs with the right fan prestanda and suitable equipment, so that your air needs are fully met while your energy costs are kept as low as possible. 

AKRON fans - the core of our system

As the backbone of the Eol Ventsystem, we rely on the unrivalled top-quality fans provided by our strategic partner Akron. Akron has more than 60 years of experience in the industry, having put over tens of thousands of hours into their research and development, constantly optimizing and perfecting their own fan technology. This makes them stand out clearly among ordinary standard fan providers, and makes Akron the perfect fan provider for Eol Ventsystem

Akron's extremely wide selection of available fan sizes, fan types and capacities also fit perfectly with Eol Ventsystem's vision to provide your site with a fully customized solution fit for your precise needs, and their unique modular frame system makes both customization and future maintenance as easy as it can be. 

Combine this with their strong environmental profile and their choice to have the fan production be fully self-sufficient in renewable energy, and we have more than enough reasons for Eol Ventsystem to be proud partners with Akron.

ABB Smart ventilation - our VOD-cooperation with ABB

Our independence from any specific actor enables us to cooperate freely with the suppliers we find to be the best on the market, in order to achieve the perfect ventilation system for our clients. One such successful cooperation is the one we have with the well-renowned Swiss-Swedish engineering group ABB.

Together with ABB, we provide the ABB Smart Vent Ventilation-On-Demand (VOD)-solution, made to help you avoid unnecessary, uncalculated and wasteful "standard" ventilation solutions, which more often than not helps you cut the energy costs of your sites ventilation in half. 

The ABB Smart Ventilation VOD-system can calculate and adjust the exact air flows in specific parts of your site, for example when a vehicle passes through, making sure that hazardous substances are effectively diluted with fresh air where it's needed. This while also making sure that capacity is conserved wherever it can be, saving massive amounts of energy compared to standard ventilation systems.

The ABB Smart Ventilation VOD-system, paired together with the EOL Ventsystem fans, is a recipe for high ventilation prestanda for your site, a healthy and safe working environment for your personell, minimized energy expenditures, and long-lasting durable quality that makes up an investment that pays for itself quickly and many times over.

Some of our other suppliers

We are a proud reseller of Trolex instruments. As a provider of top quality mine safety technology with many years expertise in making hazardous mining environments safer, Trolex' tools and technology makes a perfect fit as part of the EOL Ventsystem solution. 

As part of our solutions, we are using Accutron instruments. They provide us with a wide array of mine safety products, keeping our clients' tunnels and mines safe and helping us measure the needs for ventilation in real time. 

We are using ducts from Protan as a part of our solution. With ventilation ducts that are fully customized for each project and that are light, flexible, durable and highly effective for ducting massive amounts of air through mines or tunnels, Protans ducts works very well with the rest of the EOL Ventsystem.  


We have the expertise and the experience necessary to help you get the most durable underground ventilation system, the highest productivity, and the lowest energy costs possible. Send us a message, and we'll talk more about how we can help your project reach its next level in the near future.